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Título : Integración de Qooxdoo y Symfony 2
Autor : López Lobaina, Laritza
Armas Mora, Frank Yasel de
Tutor: Rodriguez Solana, Frank Alberto
Ortíz Valmaseda, Marcos Luis
Fecha de publicación : jun-2015
Editorial : Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas. Facultad 6
Resumen : The University of Informatics Sciences is an institution that has among its functions to develop software. In the Data Management Technologies Center (DATEC) most of the productive projects are developed using the frameworks ExtJS and Symfony 2. From version 2.1 of ExtJS its license is private for trading products, so it is decided to use Qooxdoo 4.1 as an alternative for being this open source. Because there is no bundle that allows integrating Qooxdoo and Symfony 2 frameworks, using these two tools for developing web applications is limited. This work is aimed at developing a bundle that integrates Qooxdoo and Symfony 2 framework which will facilitate the development of web applications using the potential of these tools. To guide the process the software development methodology OpenUP was used. For modeling the solution it was used Visual Paradigm v8.0, as Integrated Development Environment (IDE) v8.0, and as web Apache server HTTP Server v2.2. To implement it was used as the programming language by the client JavaScript with Qooxdoo 4.1 framework, and as language by the server PHP with Symfony framework 2. The result is a bundle that allows the integration of Qooxdoo 4.1 and Symfony 2.
URI : https://repositorio.uci.cu/jspui/handle/123456789/7365
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