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Título : A topsis-based method for selection in software projects.
Autor : Espinosa Robert, Ana personnel del Carmen
Fernández Pérez, Yamilis
Zulueta Véliz, Yeleny
Fecha de publicación : oct-2021
Editorial : Ediciones Futuro
Resumen : The study of the decision–making process is controversial as it is applied in different areas of knowledge, which analyse the issue from its prism and makes it complex. It can be assured that its study requires a multidimensional vision that allows an analysis in which there are different ways of making the process increasingly objective and efficient. In this research, a decision–making problem is defined in a business context, where greater importance was given to the selection phase in the human resources management process to adjust, not only the evaluation instruments, but also the evaluation criteria when the ideal candidate is selected. For its solution, the Technique for the execution of orders by similarity was used with the solution of idea, to search the best alternatives, taking into account the criteria shown in a simple mathematical form. Its basic principle is that the chosen alternative should have the shortest distance to the positive ideal solution and the greatest distance to the negative ideal solution. The execution of this algorithm made it possible to grant workstation to two of the candidates who applied for it.
URI : https://repositorio.uci.cu/jspui/handle/123456789/9806
ISSN : 2227.1899
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