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dc.contributor.authorMorales, Diana Rosa-
dc.contributor.authorPatterson, Matilde-
dc.contributor.authorDe la Paz, Eida-
dc.description.abstractFor the last decade, universities in the Cuban context have had to face the challenges of technological advances along with the work with innovative practices that have given the possibility of attaining higher standards through the teaching–learning process. Though some limitations have had to be faced, embracing technological advances has had a positive impact on the professional identity and resilience of university teachers and students at the Foreign Language Teacher Education Program at Universidad Central «Marta Abreu» de Las Villas. In this respect, a study was carried out in order to explore how professional identity and resilience have evolved in teachers and students who systematically do project work supported by the Moodle platform. The study took place during the period 2019–2021, when the pandemic COVID–19 gave another connotation to the teaching learning process. Consequently, the use of technology was the central pivot to continue training teachers at the University. The objective of this article is to explore the impacts of embracing Moodle platform on the professional identity and resilience in the subjects of this research through the use of project work. Various theoretical and empirical methods were used in this research in dialectic interrelation, which allowed for identifying positive impacts and defies on professional identity and resilience. The information presented was obtained from the application of document analysis, participant observation, student and teacher surveys, and recollection of graphic and audiovisual evidences. The results show the importance of embracing Moodle as a suitable platform in the Cuban context.en_US
dc.publisherEdiciones Futuroen_US
dc.titleRaising professional identity and resilience in teachers and students on a virtual platformen_US
dc.rights.holderUniversidad de las Ciencias Informáticasen_US
dc.source.titleUCIENCIA 2021en_US
dc.source.conferencetitleIX Taller Lenguaje y Tecnología L@ngtechen_US
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