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2018Hands-On System Programming with Linux: Explore Linux system programming interfaces, theory, and practiceBillimoria, Kaiwan N
2019The NICE Cyber Security Framework: Cyber Security Intelligence and AnalyticsAlsmadi, Izzat
2013Redes localesAbad Domingo, Alfredo
2010Redes de computadoras: Un enfoque descendenteKurose, James F.; Ross, Keith W.; Miguel, Martín-Romo
2018Information Security Education – Towards a Cybersecure Society: 11th IFIP WG 11.8 World Conference, WISE 11 Held at the 24th IFIP World Computer Congress, WCC 2018 Poznan, Poland, September 18–20, 2018 ProceedingsDrevin, Lynette; Theocharidou, Marianthi
2016A Guide to the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (2.0)Shoemaker, Dan; Kohnke, Anne; Sigler, Ken
2019Practical Machine Learning and Image Processing: For Facial Recognition, Object Detection, and Pattern Recognition Using PythonSingh, Himanshu
2018A Statistical Machine Learning Perspective of Deep Learning: Algorithm, Theory, Scalable ComputingAl-Shedivat, Maruan; Hu, Zhiting; Zhang, Hao
2014Multidimensional Particle Swarm Optimization for Machine Learning and Pattern RecognitionKiranyaz, Serkan; Ince, Turker; Gabbouj, Moncef
2012Mathematical Methodologies in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning: Contributions from the International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and MethodsLatorre Carmona, Pedro; Sánchez, J. Salvador; Fred, Ana L.N.
2018Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning – ICANN 2018Kůrková, Věra; Manolopoulos, Yannis; Hammer, Barbara; Iliadis, Lazaros; Maglogiannis, Ilias
2005Software Quality Engineering: Testing, Quality Assurance, and Quantifiable ImprovementTian, Jeff
2018Software Development From A to Z: A Deep Dive into all the Roles Involved in the Creation of SoftwareFilipova, Olga; Vilão, Rui
2011Robotics, Vision and Control: Fundamental Algorithms in MATLAB®Corke, Peter; Siciliano, Bruno
2011Design Patterns for Embedded Systems in C: An Embedded Software Engineering ToolkitPowel Douglass, Bruce
2014Computing handbook : Computer Science and Software EngineeringGonzalez, Teofilo; Díaz-Herrera, Jorge; Tucker, Allen
2015Manual del usuario de SAP BusinessObjects Web IntelligenceEmpresas SAP
2013New Perspectives on HTML, CSS, and Dynamic HTMLCarey, Patrick; Lee, Marie L.
2019Internet of Things: Architectures, Protocols and StandardsCirani, Simone; Ferrari, Gianluigi; Picone, Marco; Veltri, Luca
2005Ingeniería de SoftwareSommerville, Ian
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 37